Urge Gov. Hochul to sign 4 tenant bills into law - Sept. 2023

 CALL GOV. HOCHUL TODAY to sign 4 tenant bills into law. 

Call the Governor: Fight Landlord Greed and Secrecy!

In 2019, New York’s tenant movement passed some of the most progressive pro-tenant legislation in our state’s history. But since then, landlords have tried to find new ways to unfairly raise rents and hide behind a veil of secrecy.

Last year, the legislature took important steps to close these loopholes and increase transparency for tenants. Now they're waiting for Governor Hochul to sign them into law.

Taken together, these four bills:

·       make it harder for landlords to hide behind secretive shell companies.

·       fix how the state calculates rent overcharges

·       decrease “Frankensteining” (combining vacant rent stabilized apartments in order to jack up rents)

·       clear up rules around tenant succession and landlord fraud

·       make it easier for upstate cities to opt into rent stabilization

Governor Hochul needs to hear from you now! 

Tell the Governor to sign all four bills today.