Urge Gov. Hochul to sign 4 tenant bills - Dec. 2023!

Spend just 5 minutes to urge the governor to sign 4 bills that have passed the state legislature!

Governor Hochul just has until December 31st to sign four bills that will end Frankensteining and make it easier to keep rent stabilized units available and affordable at honest rents by known landlords.  So there's no time to lose.

 It's easy: 

1. Pick a date and time: Just click here to choose a time convenient to you.  (We have 5-minute slots, but the calls usually take under 2 minutes.)   


2. Call!  Click on the link provided on the chart to call through your computer.  OR call Gov. Hochul directly: 518-474-8390.  

Here's what you say when you call: 


Hi. I'm a New York City resident from [your neighborhood], and I urge Governor Hochul to make this a happy holiday for all tenants by signing 

S2980, S2943, S1684, and S995 now!  

These bills will keep rent stabilized apartments available and affordable statewide at honest rents, with known landlords.  Thank you. 


3. Note on the chart who you spoke to and their response. 

 It should take you roughly 5 minutes, start-to-finish!