#HouseNY: Rally on Tues., Nov. 16 at 11 AM

 Rally on Tuesday Nov. 16 at 11 AM at Hudson Yards (10th Ave. /32nd St.) and sign the petition to #HouseNY.

After Housing Justice for All won major legal changes in 2019, a few things were left.  And COVID made some of the needs starker.  We need: 

  • Eviction and steep rent increases for good cause only.  Rent stabilized , rent controlled, and a few other tenants have this, but the rest don't.  If we're to be a community, we all need it.  The bill would limit rent increases above 5% to those cases where landlords can show they really need it.  And evictions would be because the tenant misbehaved (or the landlord is going to live in the apartment), and not just because the owner wants the tenant out.  So even market tenants could complain about poor conditions without fear of losing their homes.
  • Permanent rental assistance to those who need it. 
  • No more tax breaks for luxury development.  Why should our tax dollars subsidize construction of luxury units?  (And on my own personal corollary, why should buildings that the government subsidized for years be allowed to go private?)

Housing Justice for All (HJ4A) is the campaign of the Upstate/Downstate Coalition that brought us the revolutionary 2019 housing law (the law that caps Major Capital Improvement increases to 2% annually and bars de-regulating apartments, among other things). Is your tenant association a member?