Good Cause Eviction, Housing Vouchers, and more in Albany - Mar. 9


Reproduced from Housing Justice for All email:

As evictions, rent hikes and homelessness rise across the state, our state legislators are sitting in Albany debating solutions WITHOUT us.

So on Wednesday March 9th, we are descending on the state capitol to demand real solutions for renters and homeless New Yorkers.

Join us in Albany on Wednesday!

The legislature and the governor are debating and deciding on next year's state budget right now. And we know that any budget that does not include the right to remain, permanent rental assistance and an end to real estate tax breaks is NOT a budget for the people.

Get on the bus to Albany next Wednesday to demand Good Cause Eviction, the Housing Access Voucher Program and an end to real estate tax breaks!

Fill out this form and we will connect you to the nearest bus pick up and arrange transportation and lunch for the day. We will require proof of vaccination to board the bus.

Our elected officials need to feel our presence in the halls of the state capitol in order to do the right thing. Join hundreds of renters and homeless New Yorkers at the capitol on Wednesday!